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Sponsor riders

Vision Design Swedan AB is proud to present our sponsor riders:

Rebecca Dahlgren

Trains her horses in Liberty Dressage using her own experience from many years of training and studying. Educated in the Academic Art of Riding.

Instagram: @horsevision

Åsa Cidh

Competes internationally in Working Equitation and has qualified two horses into difficult class. Åsa also trains Liberty Dressage and trick training.

Instagram: @asacidh_equitation

Tana Ericson

Trained at Ecole de Légèreté by Philippe Karl. Tana is a wonderful ambassador for the  classic dressage.

Instagram: @tanadressage

Josefin Blom Lugn

Josefin rides for the senior Swedish team in Endurance Riding.

Instagram: @blomlugn_enduranc

Anna Gunstad Bäckman

Anna Gunstad Bäckman competes in Show Jumping, with placements in 120-130. Anna and her current horse have qualified for 140. Anna has a fantastic interaction with her horse.

Instagram: @anna.gunstad.backman

Jonna Dahlgren

Trains her horses in Liberty Dressage and Academic Art of Riding. Jonna has a great relationship with her horses and finds inspiration from several disciplines. She has passed the groundwork and longetest in the Academic Art of Riding.

Instagram: @jonna_horsevision

Sara Kanstedt

Endurence riding on high level. Sara was elected in to the national team and can add a silver medal from the Swedish championship to her merits.

Instagram: @skanstedt

Jasmine Bennis

Competes in Show Jumping and has several flawless start ups to 135, placing with 120-130. Jasmine´s ambition is high for the coming season.

Instagram: @jasminebennis

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